tds_animation_stack India Swimwear: It's all about proper cleaning

Swimwear: It's all about proper cleaning

What could be nicer than tanning on summer days and cooling off with a dip in the water? To make a good figure, many fashionistas cover themselves with the latest at the beginning of the season Swimwear a. But bikini and Co. are heavily contaminated by chlorine and salt – bleached colors are often the result. This need not be! To ensure that swimwear can be worn for longer than a summer, these care tips should be observed.

Wash once before wearing

Before you get the new one bikini for the first time, be sure to wash it first. Either in the washing machine or by hand. Because the manufacturers use plasticizers and other chemicals in the production, which can lead to skin irritation. In addition, swimwear is often treated with mildew control agents to prevent spores from spreading during transport. Color residue is also removed during the first wash, which would otherwise land on the skin.

Washing machine vs. Hand wash

There are two options for washing your bathing suit: by hand or in the washing machine. For hand washing, simply fill the sink with lukewarm water and add a little detergent. Put the swimwear in for about half an hour, then rinse with clear water and let dry. However, if you want to clean your bathing suit in the washing machine, there are a few things to consider.

Swimsuits and Co. often have a high percentage of elastane. In order not to destroy the elastic fabric, fabric softener must never be used. Instead, use a mild mild detergent. High heat is also harmful to the material – 30 degrees is enough to keep your bathing suit clean. It is best to avoid spinning or to set it to a low level. If you want to be on the safe side, you should put your bikini or swimsuit in a laundry bag. This prevents the fabric from becoming knotted or worn out when spinning.

Do not wash too often

Swimwear is very delicate. Nevertheless, it should be washed regularly so that there is no breeding ground for bacteria. Every two to three days or if heavily soiled, it is advisable to clean the worn parts with detergent or soap. Definitely not after every swim! If the material is washed too often, the fabric becomes thinner, can deform or even tear.

But: After a dip in pool or sea water, swimwear should be washed off with cold water. Because chlorine and salt can damage the material in the long term.

Proper drying is important

In summer it is tempting to let the wet bathing suit dry in the sun. However, this should be avoided. Because direct sunlight leads to the beautiful colors slowly fading. In addition, bathing suits should not be hung up wet – they can wear out and lose their shape. A simple trick: wrap the swimwear in a towel and squeeze it out carefully. Then let it air dry on a drying rack. Do not tumble dry as the fibers are sensitive to heat.



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