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Tan: Get tanned faster with these tips

As soon as the sun is burning from the sky and the temperatures are still climbing, the bikini is brought out and the perfect tan is worked on. But not everyone has the patience or the time to lie in the sun for days. The dermatologist Dr. Daniel Wilder has the most important tips ready to help you achieve the perfect summer tan in no time.

Good care is essential

If you want to tan quickly, you should pay attention to the right skin care. "Before sunbathing, cleanse and exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells," explains Dr. Savage. Exercising in the fresh air can also help with tanning. "Do water sports or move near the water to get tanned even faster thanks to the sun reflection." Milking fat, carotene oil or coconut oil on the skin have a similar effect, according to the dermatologist.

Certain foods can also speed up the tanning process. "There is a lot of beta-carotene in carrots, which protects the skin as a precursor of vitamin A and at the same time helps to tan faster," explains Dr. Savage.

Achieve an even tan

If you want an even tan, you should prepare your skin before sunbathing. "Use scrubs, shave your legs and take care of intensive moisturizing". Exercise outdoors helps tan all parts of the body evenly. The expert also knows that if you lie in the shade, you will become brown more evenly and gently. "Near water, you can get a brown complexion through the reflection even when the sky is cloudy."

Pay attention to the correct sun protection

With all these tips, sun protection should of course not be forgotten. "Use sunscreen to make your skin tan vitally," advises the doctor. To avoid sunburn, it is important to know your own skin type. Because "you can use it to calculate the so-called self-protection time". Dr. Wilder explains: "A skin type 1 has very light skin, light or red hair, blue eyes and hardly turns brown. This person has a protective period of five to ten minutes."

"A skin type 3, on the other hand, has medium-light skin, brown hair and medium-light eyes. Here, the self-protection time is 20 to 30 minutes." Skin type 6 has the longest self-protection time with 60 to 80 minutes. "This person has very dark skin, black hair and black eyes." If you multiply the sun protection factor of the sunscreen by your own protection time, you get the actual protection time, according to dermatologists.

Applying sunscreen more frequently equals longer protection time? This calculation does not work. Nevertheless, regular re-creaming is advantageous and even necessary, says Dr. Savage. "Movement, water, and a few other factors can reduce protection."

Moisture supports the long-lasting tan

Those who have achieved the perfect complexion naturally want to keep it as long as possible. "Moisture care is crucial here. It improves the quality of the top layer of skin and prevents it from being worn away too quickly," says the specialist. Because the top layer of skin contains most of the melanin, the pigment for the tan. "Since the skin renews itself approximately every four weeks, the top and thus tanned layer is removed faster with dry skin." To prevent this from happening, help build an "effective moisture film". "It is best to use products with glycerin, aloe vera and vitamin E".



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