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Teddi Mellencamp & Dad John Shade Denise Richards After Her ‘RHOBH’ Diss – News Info Live

‘RHOBH’ star Teddi Mellencamp and her rocker dad John are clapping back at Denise Richards after she alleged that Teddi lived under John’s ‘shadow.’ Teddi even joked about Denise name dropping her ex Charlie Sheen.

Teddi Mellencamp got some unsettling news during the July 22 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that Denise Richards had been viciously backstabbing her. Former show regular Brandi Glanville, 47, alleged that Dense told her Teddi would “do anything to be in this group” of women because she was desperately trying to get out from under her famous rock star dad John Mellencamp‘s “shadow.” That didn’t sit well with father or daughter, and the 39-year-old Bravo star shared a text between them, where John had a snarky question about who Denise was.

The top of the text showed “Dads new cell” and he wrote to Teddi, “I know you are busy living in my shadow but…” Then he shared a photo of himself with Teddi and dissed the former Bond girl by botching her name, adding “Dennis Richards. Never heard of him.”

Teddi kept the laughter going, writing, “You know who DENISE is dad.” She then took a swipe about how Denise drops her ex-husband Charlie Sheen‘s name. “She is the girl who mentions Charlie Sheen ever episode,” Teddi added, before telling her father, “Love you, call you tomorrow.”

Teddi Mellencamp looks gorgeous while attending an event in Los Angeles. Photo credit: MEGA.

Teddi snarked the Twitter post caption showing their text exchange, “Got my sense of humor from my dad’s shadow. #RHOBH.” Fans loved it, with @lizabeth_kb replying, “@TeddiMellencamp Pretty clear Dennis is jealous of everyone else on the show. Especially you,” while user @momofky331 shared laughing so hard she was crying emojis and wrote, “@TeddiMellencamp I think bravo should do a episode with you and your dad watching an episode of Beverly Hills!”

During tonight’s episode, former show star Brandi warned Kyle Richards, 51, and Teddi that Denise had been backstabbing them. “I don’t want to go totally into it, but what you see isn’t what you get,” Brandi explained about Denise. She then turned to Teddi and said, “She doesn’t like you at all. At all. She’s said horrible things about you. You’re obnoxious. You’ll do anything to be in this group cause you’ve lived under your dad’s shadow all of your life. It’s just like, mean.” At least Teddi and John were able to share a laugh about it.




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