tds_animation_stack India The BossHoss: Musicians appreciate the "variety when grilling"

The BossHoss: Musicians appreciate the "variety when grilling"

Men only need beer and meat when grilling to be happy. "There is a lot of truth to it," said The BossHoss singer Sascha Vollmer (48, "Dos Bros") in an interview with the news agency spot on news. But the whole truth is not. Although "a quick grilled sausage with beer in the evening is also okay", the musician and his band mates would go much more "into the culinary detail". Alec Völkel (48) agrees with his colleague: "Diversity is more fun."

And so it is not surprising that the band's grill book "Rock am Grill" not only features steak and burger dishes, but also much more unusual ones. From chorizo ​​skewers with vegetables to pineapple salsa to grilled feta in the chard leaf. "Completely new worlds are opening up there," says Vollmer.

The vegan has the biggest grill

Who in the band has the biggest grill and the best equipment at home? The two cowboys agree: "Ansgar, our drummer," says Völkel. "He has a really cool allotment." The 45-year-old is now vegan, but still has a huge smoker from his "meat grill time". "It grills most intensely of all of us."



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