tds_animation_stack India The Naked and Famous: "Donald Trump is a hateful idiot"

The Naked and Famous: "Donald Trump is a hateful idiot"

Ten years ago, the electro pop band The Naked and Famous stormed the charts with their song "Young Blood" and made their international breakthrough. At that time, the New Zealand group consisted of five members. Today, The Naked and Famous are only on the road as a duo: Thom Powers and Alisa Xayalith continue to rely on emotional indie sound. They still love to hear their hit at the time. "We love him and are very proud of the song," explains Powers in an interview with the spot on news news agency.

"Back then, our goals were to quit our jobs, work as a full-time musician and release an album. And now we're on album number four!" Remembers Alisa Xayalith of the band's early days. On Friday (July 24th) The Naked and Famous will release their new longplayer "Recover".

Mortality is a big issue

The album is the "most optimistic so far," explains Thom Powers. "Hope and joy are woven into the songs: there is light at the end of the tunnel." The topic of healing is in the foreground, according to the musician. In the theme song, "Alisa sings about how she recovered from her mother's death as a child and how it affects her as an adult. I sing about how to recover from an almost fatal food poisoning." He hopes to be able to encourage people with this message, "since we are all still struggling with a global pandemic."

In addition to the healing, the topic of death can also be found on the album. There is a simple reason for this: "Mortality has always fascinated me," says Powers. "But as my family ages, it becomes more and more tangible." In the course of his life he became aware of the fragility of life. "I think more and more of the limited time that I can share with the wonderful people that luck has brought me," explains the singer.

"The corona virus is a reality"

The two New Zealanders have been living in the USA since 2012. Do they sometimes miss their home country? "The older we get, the more we miss our former home," says the musician. "Alisa and I now enjoy flying home. It has become a tradition to come back once a year and plan a show in our hometown to visit our friends and families."

In the US, the corona crisis is worsening, the "Black Lives Matter" movement has picked up again and the presidential election is due in November. The Naked and Famous also deals with these topics. "We think the Black Lives Matter movement is important," said Powers. "And the corona virus is a reality. We are sad that these things are not obvious to some people."

The US presidential election 2020 is "important for the whole world". The singer has a clear opinion about the incumbent US President Donald Trump (74). "Trump is a racist, hating, science-denying idiot who can't speak in full sentences and has access to nuclear weapons."

Just two: This has changed for The Naked and Famous

A lot has changed for the band since "Young Blood". Three members have now left the group. "I was sad to see them go," reveals Xayalith. "But I'm also happy that they are now doing things that strengthen them. I'm their biggest fan." Just being on the road as a duo was not a big change. "The Naked and Famous started with both of us," explains the musician. "We have always written the songs, so not much has changed. If at all, we have lost a group in which we could exchange ideas."

In addition to their professional losses, The Naked and Famous have personally lost many things – but also regained them. "That changed both of us, but also allowed us to grow," says the 34-year-old.



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