tds_animation_stack India Weight loss tips: Adequate sleep lets the kilos drop

Weight loss tips: Adequate sleep lets the kilos drop

If you want to lose weight, you need enough sleep. Not only does the skin regenerate during beauty sleep. Doctor Jürgen Brater, author of "Ahatomie", explains in an interview with the news agency spot on news: Those who want to lose weight have a better chance of success if they sleep well during this time. Because lack of sleep can make you fat in the long run.

Less sleep – more appetite

Brater bases his conclusion on a study in which one group of subjects was allowed to sleep at will, while another was awakened every night after five hours. Initially, the energy consumption of the short sleepers increased by about five percent. "This is not a surprise at first, because of course you are more active when you are awake than during sleep and therefore burn more calories," he explains.

"However, it was remarkable that the appetite of the five-hour sleeper also increased," says the doctor. As the subjects therefore had more to eat than the participants who had slept in, they increased more. "However, the researchers were unable to explain why the desire for food was higher," says Brater. But be fact: Lack of sleep makes you fat in the long run.



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